Learn more about the sport, but don't try any of this without instruction!

Want to try your hand at aerobatics? Here are our recommendations on how to begin. COMING SOON

In order for pilots around the world to be able to describe and fly the same figures, the Aresti pictoral language was developed.

Aerobatics is arguably one of the most dangerous motor sports. If there is one topic that is a must read, it's this one.

Learn about the aerobatic box, its altitudes and horizontal boundaries, and why getting low is never a good thing.

Competition pilots fly in one of five categories, and will move up as their skills advance.

IAC contests have many moving parts and require many volunteers to run. Here's an overview of what to expect.

What are the requirements for a plane to be considered aerobatic? Plus take a stroll through a gallery of aircraft from recent Southwest contests.

There are a handful of basic aerobatic figures to fly. Let's take a look at them and learn what the judges want to see.

An overview of contest volunteering and tips to make your volunteer experience worth Instagramming.

What to expect on the judges line if you volunteer as a recorder, runner, or assistant. Hint: bring sunscreen.

Often marooned in the middle of nowhere, the boundary judge has an important contest role to play.