Fall 2017 Contest Roundup

Steve De La Cruz finally finished his six-month long annual (just kidding Steve!) and Susan Bell got checked out in the new-to-her Extra 300, that formally belonged to chapter members John and Kathy Howell and Mike Hartenstine. Steve and Susan competed at the October 2017 Borrego Springs Akrofest and November’s Tequila Cup in Marana, Arizona.


At Akrofest, Steve took first in the Intermediate Known and third in the Unknown, but managed to zero a figure in his Free, costing him a podium finish. Susan didn’t fair much better in her first contest in her new plane, also zeroing a figure in the Known and placing in the middle of the class overall.


The next month at the Tequila Cup, Steve was back in top form, bringing home first overall in Intermediate. Susan medaled two flights with a second in the Known and third in the Unknown, flying the Sportsman Known (with that point-killer full eight!) for all three flights.  Member Barrett Hines also flew over and competed in Intermediate. The Sunday flight home to California was delayed when Susan's plane refused to start. A team of crack aircraft specialists descended, provided auxiliary power and managed to coax a mag into firing so it didn’t have to be left in Arizona.