IAC Chapter 26 Meeting Minutes, February 2014

IAC Chapter 26’s first meeting of 2014 was held on Sunday, February 9.   After introducing the new board: Tim (Pres), Kathy (VP), Mary Lou (Sec), Mike (Treas) and directors Steve (Happiness is Delano CD and Historian), and Matt (Webmaster) several topics were discussed.

  • Our first judges camp which was early last year was successsful.  We will plan another next year.
  • We have nearly finished repaying Betty Weiss for restoring the commemorative flagpole base at Delano.
  • There are many 2013 members that have not yet returned their 2014 dues.
  • Several chapter trophies are being stored in the homes of previous chapter members.  We’d like to collect them but need a secure place (locking cabinet at DLO) to display them.

Most of the discussions were centered around Happiness is Delano, the 40th anniversary contest and the 2014 IAC Open West Championships.   It was recognized that attending a City of Delano council meeting could be helpful in re-establishing our airport priveledges.   Several of the contest administrative position have been filled.  Steve will once again serve as the CD.  We are particularly fortunate that Jen Rich volunteered to be the Sponsor Representative!  But several positions still need to be filled. Some ideas to make the contest extra-special were discussed – a coordinator and funds will need to be found if we want a registration night BBQ and band.  Several ideas for the contest’s format were also discussed.  Will there be 3 or 4 flights?  Will it be a 2 or 3 day contest?  If there is a 4th flight, will it be a ”free” unknown and if so, how will the figures and sequence be determined?  A decision regarding the flight program will need to be made soon.

Next meeting is TBD.